Why is this the best exhibitions guide to Madrid?


There are other websites and blogs with information about exhibitions but it is very possible that no one suits your preferences. This site will be most useful for:
-The locals who want to know the city art scene and are looking for guidance.
-Visitors from other towns or other countries planning to see exhibitions and need to know what's on.
-The regulars, who want an updated agenda.


Elsewhere you'll find listings that include indiscriminately major exhibitions and expendable ones, so that they make you waste time figuring out which ones deserve your visit. Here you will find only the best galleries, museums and art centers. Including proposals for almost every taste.


I personally take care of obtaining all the information about the exhibitions, so that it is always up to date.
All you need to know:
-Opening hours
-Days left until the closure of every exhibition
-Links to the websites of each art space
-Which art spaces have free admission, and which days
-What exhibitions are suitable for visiting with children
-What museums and art centers offer guided tours
- Upcoming openings


You have a map that locates every one of the art spaces that appear in the listings. This map is divided into areas, marked with different colors.


The listings are the foundation of this website but you can also get here further information about many of the exhibitions:
- News (invitations to openings and press releases) to which you can get subscribed
- Videos of some of the exhibitions
- Digital catalogues
Also, I am gathering interesting links to broaden your perspective and your knowledge.


There is a version for smart phones and mobile Internet access. See the map in Google Maps or browsers that use it. If you prefer, you can print a list that lets you carry on a sheet all the information you need.


The maps show other museums that do not usually house exhibitions but are essential for those interested in Art during their visit to Madrid.

Elena Vozmediano

I have a degree in Art History and have worked as an Art critic for 15 years. I write weekly, since 1998, in El Cultural (El Mundo), whose Art section I directed for two periods and in whose pages I have published more than 600 articles. I worked for the magazine Arte y Parte and for the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (Santiago de Compostela). I have been contributor to Art and Architecture magazines such as Arquitectura Viva, Exit Express, Diseñart, Art Nexus, Revista de Libros or Revista de Occidente. I am a member of the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo, an association of which I was President between 2008 and 2011.

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